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from Ashley Raymond

A Gifted Thinker, Architect of Preeventualism

On Himself

"I know there are those out there who say I am a pseudointellectual because I have no formal education, only went to choral school, and because I deprived myself of acorns... The list goes on.

"But I am sure that if these fine men and women were preeventualists, it would be a completely different story."

Ashley Raymond, Georgia Tech University, 1983

On the Rise of Preeventualism

"If preeventualism ever kills mainstream culture, that would be truly apocalyptic. Anyway, I'll let other visionaries speculate on that possibility. It's against my ideals to venture down that road any further.

Ashley Raymond, "The Old Man and His Helmet," Arch Quarterly, p. 86

On the Future

"Preeventualism is not about rejecting the future. No, how could that be? ... I don't reject the many great or abominable things which may happen in the future.

"I just reject the concepts and beliefs man is relying upon to get there!"

Ashley Raymond, A History of Life and Charcoal Briquets, p. 421

On Socialism

"I stopped paying attention to socialism a long time ago. My socialist friends won't leave me alone, though. They say, it's only a hop-skip away from preeventualism!

"Ha! These people and their ideologies!"

Ashley Raymond, "Audio Reviews on Teolite.org", 2001

On Education

"I'm going to avoid making sweeping accusations about the state of education in the world. Except to say that I find it all entirely revolting. Face it. None of my teachers ever came to grips with what a slow reader I am."

Ashley Raymond, Georgia Tech University, 1983

On Correctness

"A student asked me, 'Mr. Raymond, is preeventualism complete? Have you finished it? What if the current incarnation of preeventualism is proven to be incorrect?'

"The other students shook their heads. I believe the moderator of the discussion even said, 'Good question.'

"I stormed toward the student and yelled, 'That is the most ridiculous question I've ever heard! The fundamental precept of preeventualism is that it is correct! At any cost: it is correct! Preeventualism has abandoned all other concepts in favor of correctness! What more do you need?'

"And that student vomited."

Ashley Raymond, Georgia Tech University, 1983